Tell me more about Hike Out!


Hike Out is a friendly, inclusive, member-led community of outdoor enthusiasts. We get together to explore the outdoors with a focus on active pursuits like hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, packrafting and more. Located in Australia, we plan trips around Sydney, Canberra and beyond.

We welcome all people, including people of diverse sexuality and gender. No matter how you identify, be it straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning or anything else, if you love exploring the outdoors, you will feel at home with us.

We don't tolerate discrimination in any form and we welcome everyone regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality or background.

Our community is open and public. We publish our event information wide and far and attract a wonderful diversity of participants. We're always welcoming new people into our community at each event. If you're concerned about privacy, contact us by email about participating in a more private way.

We’re an informal online community of individuals. We are NOT an organised club or incorporated association with rules and application forms. We attend trips as a group of friends each taking responsibility for our personal safety and choices. We look out for one another and focus on everyone having a safe and enjoyable time. People concerned about insurance cover should seek advice about personal insurance options before participating.

We invite you to get involved and help to build our community and plan activities that interest you! We have an active presence on all popular social media platforms.

For further information and to speak with a community organsier, please contact us.


Top banner photograph by Matthew Kenwrick