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The Equaliser

An online event to secure equality in civil marriage for all Australians.

Hike Out is founded on the principle that everyone is welcome regardless of sexuality, gender, race, age or background and the Hike Out community comes together to say YES to marriage equality for all Australians.

Join this event to acknowledge that you will participate in the postal survey by completing your survey form and posting it back before the deadline on Friday 27 October 2017.

Enjoy a free event on the Hike Out community! Take a picture involving your participation in the postal survey, then upload it to the event page on Facebook or Meetup and receive a credit of $5.00 to spend on a future Hike Out event you choose.

Did you know that there are people who have met on Hike Out trips? These couples might one day like to enjoy the dignity and legal certainty that legal marriage provides. And imagine a wonderful Australian bush wedding celebration!

Please invite your friends to join this event. Everyone is welcome!

See links for more information about the marriage equality campaign and the postal survey. Use the comments section to share your stories and experiences. Contact Rick with any questions.

• Join the event page on Facebook or Meetup to say that you will participate in the postal survey.
• Share the event pages with family, friends and favourite hiking people.
• Upload a picture of your participation in the postal survey and receive a $5.00 credit toward any future Hike Out event.
 - Upload your picture before midnight Friday 27 October 2017
 - Credit of $5.00 can be used toward any future Hike Out day trip, camping trip, hiking holiday or any other Hike Out event with a cost.
• If you are not currently on the Australian electoral roll, you can still participate by speaking with a friend who is on the electoral roll and they can be your proxy for participation.

The Equality Campaign

Stand With Me

Vote Yes For Equality

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

This event is planned for members of Hike Out, the friendly, diverse and inclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts where everyone is always welcome. Find out more at

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